Safe, Flexible & Worldwide

Global Collecting Solution collects and remit financial funds from anywhere and any payment methods on it's flexible payment platform.

Secured and Monitored

We handle your funds are handled within our european fully licensed financial institution and under the supervision of the French regulator ACPR.

Built to serve the sharing economy can distribute funds to multiple parties matching perfectly your business model, no matter how complex and how many parties are involved!

Beat Compliance Challenge Now!

We handle the hassle of Compliance: we make sure that your business model is compliant and will advise you the way to address our APIs in order to comply to the latest AML regulations and laws.

Adaptive & Evolutive

An innovative and flexible payment solution to support your business expansion

360° vision to match your need

We are processing payments since the 80s and are able to handle banking, telecom, mobile, web and physical payments.

Optimize processes & increase profitability

Our collecting solution and APIs allows you to control in real time the transactions and automatize banking reconciliation. By reducing administrative and accounting cost will bring you solution to stay competitive and increase profitability.

Local payments for global businesses

Addressing the world is a complex opportunity. Luckily, we have solution for dozens of local payment solution.

Connect the dots!

We have developed dozen of connection in very complex environment. If you have a specific ERP, CRM that you need to connect to, we would be eager to hear about it!

Built for Developers tool has been built as payment service platform for developers. All tools and modules can be linked together and gives endless combination in order developers to build collecting and remittance solutions that match any kind of web and mobile activity : RESTful APIs, Oauth authentication, tokenization of payment means, Sandbox, PaymentJS, online testing tools, customizable webhooks...

Collect payments in 150+ currencies Platform enables your business to collect payments from any customer in the world. We cover Europe, Asian, American and African Continent, as well as South Pacific region. Your customer payments can be settled in more than 150 currencies

Built to protect your business

Fraud is not a fatality: artificial intelligence and evolutive solution can help you maximize your profit by lowering the fraud risk

Beat Fraud Now!

We maximize the protection your business by enabling 3 layers of anti-fraud systems. Anti-filters can be adapted to match perfectly your business and avoid conversion rate decrease.. We understand the context of fraud risk for each payment solution that we provide.

Fight Chargebacks

We help you to dispute chargeback and get the money back. In the digital services industry -the most complex industry in term of chargeback as the proof of delivery is virtual- we have a dispute case win rate of 63,54%.

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